Our Story

The Warrior Woman Foundation was created in 2020 by social entrepreneur and previous NSW Woman of the Year winner Jessica Brown. 

The Warrior Woman Foundation was created in 2020 by social entrepreneur and previous NSW Woman of the Year winner Jessica Brown. As a former high school teacher working in South Western Sydney for over a decade, Jessica’s passion has always been assisting the students at risk of falling through the cracks of the education and welfare systems. For over 28 years Jessica has been an advocate for the protection of children and is driven to do all she can to advance young Australian women in all areas of their lives. This is Jessica’s second social empire after founding the Life-Changing Experiences Foundation in 2003, which she led as CEO for 17 years. Through its multi-award winning SISTER2sister program, Jessica helped change the lives of hundreds of teenage girls in NSW and VIC.

Jessica’s newest venture, the Warrior Woman Foundation is a national holistic support model assisting under-represented vulnerable young Australian women to become resilient, independent, and capable of taking their place in the world. Her goal is for every Australian woman to achieve independence through financial wellbeing, and to increase the financial literacy rates of young women in Australia so that they have the confidence to take charge of earning and managing their own money, plan for future economic security, and protect themselves from financial abuse.

The Warrior Woman network was formed to bring like-minded women together to identify and create ways to support the young women of Australia who are our future, ensuring they are seen, heard, and valued. We are a strong and active national women’s support movement of positive women who are mothers, business owners, community leaders, as well as advocates for the advancement of women in Australia. We are kind and caring women who genuinely want to create positive change for the female population. By empowering marginalised young women to become strong independent warriors capable of taking their place in the world, we are strengthening Australian communities at large.

So, you might be wondering why we chose the word “warrior” for our foundation. Historically “warrior” means “a brave or experienced soldier or fighter”. For us this represents the brave young women who put their hands up for help, and the life experience of caring women who put their hands up to fight for their advancement. Today, the word warrior is frequently used to describe a person who is very strong and does not give up easily. Coincidentally, “tenacity” is one of our foundation’s values, as we simply do not give up on the young women who need our help.