Come to a Warrior Woman Event

When it comes to raising crucial funds for the Young Warrior Woman Program, we strive to make our fundraising events as fun and memorable as possible. We are extremely grateful for our pro bono events team who are experts in their field and help us produce high quality events.

Annual Warrior Trivia Battle-Sydney

Did you know that trivia questions are very good for your memory? Apparently, trivia keeps us smart and engaged. Just like your body benefits from exercise, so does the brain as the frontal cortex of the brain plays a major role in processing our memories.

Many times, we laugh at ourselves when we play trivia, therefore, our stress levels are reduced….so come and join us. The Warrior Woman Foundation promises a fun filled night of laughs and friendly competition between work colleagues, friends, family, and members of the Warrior Woman Network in a relaxed setting. Click to find out more.