Warrior Woman Foundation

Warrior Woman x Kérastase


We’re delighted to announce the launch of the Young Warrior ‘Power Talks’ Program, a three-year collaboration with Kérastase aimed at empowering young women across Australia. This groundbreaking initiative is designed to equip young women aged 17-25 with essential life skills, education, and mental health support, fostering independence and well-being through a network of female mentors.

To celebrate the program’s launch, we hosted a Girls Day Out High Tea, inviting young women to come together for an afternoon of inspiration and empowerment. Our esteemed guest speakers, Brooke Blurton and Erica Cramer, shared their insights and experiences, inspiring attendees to embrace their inner strength and pursue their dreams.

As we embark on this exciting journey, we look forward to empowering a new generation of young women to become confident, resilient leaders in their communities. Stay tuned for more updates on our upcoming events and initiatives as we continue to make a positive impact in the lives of young women across Australia.



A strong resilient Noongar-Yamatji woman, Brooke’s own childhood was marred by tragedy. Losing her mother to suicide, and drug and alcohol abuse occurring in her family. Brooke grew up determined to help young people who might be dealing with similar issues. As a youth worker, Brooke has developed her passion for working with the community and implementing strategies to educate young people about essential life skills, reflecting on her own journey through life.

Thanks to her appearance on The Bachelorette Australia (2021), Brooke has been able to reach more young people.

With her newfound fame, she has been able to highlight that while you can go through the
worst in life, you can overcome to be a better person.


From a challenging past marked by trauma, abuse, and foster care, to joining the U.S. Army as a teenager and facing life-altering adversities like breaking her back and early widowhood, Erika Cramer has journeyed through monumental struggles. Today, she is renowned as The Queen of Confidence, a global leader in the world of confidence coaching, empowering women worldwide to reclaim their lives. To date, her programs havetransformed the lives of hundreds of thousands of women globally. 

Erika Cramer’s life is a testament to the unyielding power of resilience and healing, proving that overcoming obstacles only serves to make us stronger. She is on a dedicated mission to support as many women as possible in healing their past, reclaiming their power, and creating the life of their dreams.

Many young women experience trauma which negatively impacts their confidence, self-esteem and self-worth. We support and nurture the trauma healing process in safe psycho-educational workshops facilitated by experts. In these sessions, young women learn to engage with self-compassion, and to soften and contain threat-based emotions, such as fear and anxiety, anger, shame and self-criticism.

We teach young women the life skills they need to succeed in everyday life. Our “teach a young woman to fish” approach gives them support and guidance at every step, knowing that true empowerment comes from them learning to do things for themselves. In particular, we focus on financial literacy and job readiness:

  • Life-skills workshops to build self-reliance.
  • A six-week Financial Literacy program (in partnership with MoneyGirl).
  • A four-week Job Readiness program.
  • Assistance in gaining and retaining meaningful employment.
  • Access to a range of vocational skills scholarships (e.g., Code Like a Girl) and internships.

We provide a safe and welcoming space for young women to share, learn, heal and grow. Each young woman is connected with a mentor as well as a network of diverse community-minded women who provide ongoing support and share their life experiences, resources and opportunities:

  • Connection to a safe, stable, and socially inclusive network of female role models to turn to for advice and ongoing support for the duration of the six-month program.
  • Connection to a non-judgmental group of young women who are facing similar challenges.
  • Connection to Kindred Warrior Peers, young women who have experienced challenges in life and have gone on to achieve life success.
  • Weekly one-to-one mentoring sessions with a safe mentor.